The end-to-end solution for massive over-the-air update of devices

UpdateHub is an enterprise-grade solution which makes simple to remotely update all your Linux-based devices in the field, with maximum security and efficiency, while you focus in adding value to your product.

All your devices, always updated

Main UpdateHub benefits:
Update workflow

Reduce recall and warranty costs

UpdateHub helps your to reduce warranty and recall costs by reducing or eliminating service center visits or help desk calls for IoT devices. Reduce software version support, costs, and complexity by rolling updates to fix known issues of your product.

Fully detailed deployment monitoring

Fully monitored updates

When something doesn’t occur as you expected, the capability of inquiry the device update history is critical to understand the changes which might have caused the failure. The UpdateHub management server has all the information to assist you in finding the root cause of problems, when needed.

Update workflow

Reduce time-to-market

The end-to-end UpdateHub solution to allow a reduced time to market while it gives the flexibility you need to update your devices helping you to boost customer loyalty and excitement through seamless security updates, new feature additions or bug fixes.

Deployment with groups

Large scale updates, easily!

The rollout scheme designed by UpdateHub scales to any number of devices. The UpdateHub capability of multi-stage rollout plan allows for maximum control for huge amount of devices while the simple rollout is convenient for small deployments.

Update workflow

Reliability and availability

UpdateHub Cloud is built on high-performing, reliable, scalable and secure cloud network. It offers on-demand capacity, globally distributed cloud-based storage to maximize delivery updates in multiple locations across globe.

Atomic Updates

Atomic Updates

Secure TLS communication between client/server

Secure TLS communication between client/server

Integrity checksum

Integrity checksum

Many reliable features that will boost your product update process in no time





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Metered billing

Starting at $10 / month

“The need of continuous updates is common for many types of devices but deploying software updates is challenging. Using UpdateHub, OTA support can be added for a product in a matter of hours, not weeks."

Otávio Salvador
O.S. Systems representantive.

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