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How many devices would you like to activate, in average?
Update size
Device fee$15,600.00monthly$0.1560per device
Storage fee$0.01monthly
Billing estimate$15,600.01monthly
Activation fee$0.62to activate a device
Update rollouts
Devices included
Update fee$20,794.8010,000 devices$2.0795per device
Transfer fee$95.0010,000 devices$0.01per device
Rollout billing estimate$20,889.80total rollout cost$0.00per rollout

Your UpdateHub account explained

Activation Fee:

The Activation Fee will be charged in month that you activate your device. Supposing that on 15th day of the current month you active 100 devices and on 20th day you active more 10 devices, your bill of the current month have the 110 devices in the Activation Fee.

In case you disable one device and activate in the same month, it will be charged only one activate, all reactivations made after billing will be charged as a new activation.

Monthly Device Fee:

The active device has a monthly fee charged.

Storage Fee:

In case an update package is sent for a device, a update fee is charged. The devices which did not fetch updates, do not has corresponding update fees charged.

Update Fee:

The update packages that you use to do your rollouts are stored on UpdateHub servers. The Storage Fee is charged monthly based on amount of storage used (rounded to GB).

Transfer Fee:

The Transfer Fee takes into account the amount of data transferred as part of your update packages being sent to devices, as through the use of rollouts.

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